Nestled in the historic “Last House” in John O’Groats, the John O’Groats Brewery is a charming craft brewery known for its locally made ales. It’s an ideal pit-stop along the NC500 or John O’Groats Trail.

Every drop of John O’Groats Brewery ale is crafted in the village, using local water. The brewery is deeply committed to respecting and protecting the area they proudly call home.

John O’Groats Brewery has been transformed from “a hobby to a professional business” thanks to the support of the North Highland Regeneration Fund. In 2015, three brewing enthusiasts Allan Farquhar, Simon Cottam and John Mainprize joined forces with local hotelier Andrew Mowat to establish the brewery.

Dedicated to local produce, the team use fresh, unspoilt highland water when brewing their growing selection of beers, ensuring every bottle is crafted in the village of its origin.

Recognising the business’ potential for growth, in 2019 the team approached NHRF for support and advice. By November of that year the brewery received funding from NHRF, helping to expand operations into The Last House, the oldest building in John O’Groats.

Head Brewer John Mainprize said: “Without the funding from NHRF we couldn’t have taken on the lease of The Last House which has been the most impactful aspect of our expansion. It also enabled us to expand our workforce, taking on two permanent and two full time employed staff in addition to myself.”

To honour John O’Groats, the history of its buildings and the characters who shaped the community, the brewery launched an audio-visual tour of The Last House. NHRF has always been there for advice Simon Cottam, Director said: “We are all very grateful for the opportunities that continue to come from this move. The Last House has taken us from a hobby to a professional business. Our tour is very popular with visitors to the area and it’s great for the team to shine a light on this unique part of Scotland.”

“NHRF has always been there for advice and additional training such as marketing workshops, which have given us food for thought about new ways to attract visitors from across the country.”

Visitors are invited to explore the iconic Last House in John O’Groats, just steps from the famous signpost. Dive into the rich local history with the captivating audio tour, uncovering the beauty of Caithness and the fascinating story of brewing in the area. Enjoy an exclusive brewery visit and savor the award-winning ales. It’s an unforgettable adventure in John O’Groats!

John O’Groats Brewery also offers shipping across the UK Find out more on the website:

North Highland Regeneration Fund
NDA Site Facing Team, D2003 Dounreay, Thurso, Caithness, KW14 7TZ

Registered in Scotland: SC301805

T: 01847 500103

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