North Point Distillery prides itself on creating small batches of premium, authentically Scottish spirits while making every effort to minimize its environmental footprint.

They believe deeply in the beauty of the North Highlands a place unlike any other—with its stunning vistas and vibrant community. It’s a region they proudly call home and draw inspiration from for their spirits. From their Pilot Rum, which echoes tales of the past, to their Spiced Rum that evokes nostalgic memories, their Crosskirk Bay Gin that captures the essence of the present, and their forward-looking Single Malt Whisky, Dalclagie, each product reflects their commitment to craftsmanship and reverence for their surroundings.

North Point Distillery Co-Founders Struan Mackie and Alex MacDonald

North Point Distillery creates unique, small batch Scottish spirits including rum, gin and whisky. Started by business partners Struan Mackie and Alex MacDonald, North Point Distillery has a strong focus on sustainability.

The distillery is powered by electricity, a greener alternative to steam and gas, used in traditional distilleries. Even the bottles, labels and corks used for North Point’s signature products are made from recycled materials and sourced from sustainably conscious partners. Co-founder and North Coast native Struan Mackie hopes North Point will be one of Scotland’s most sustainable distilleries.

He said: “Sustainability is incredibly important to us and has become an integral part of our business ethos and brand. We won the Gin Guide’s Sustainable Distillery of the Year award three times, and Sustainable Distillery of the Year at the World Rum Awards.” The distillery is located in Forss in the west of Caithness, with its signature product, North Point Pilot Rum taking inspiration from the region’s rich history. Struan and Alex approached the North Highland Regeneration Fund in 2021, with the aim of securing financial support to grow production capacity.

Co-founder Alex MacDonald said: “North Point Distillery has been able to aggressively pursue a growth trajectory that would have been unobtainable without the Fund’s financial support.

“The Fund has been paramount in helping us procure large assets and equipment, allowing our distillery to increase production capacity. “The knock-on effect of added production has led to job creation. Since we first received financial support from the Fund, we have created eleven full time employment positions, fulfilling vital roles at our distillery.” “NHRF has created a stable foundation for future opportunities and unlocked the potential of our young and dynamic team”.

North Highland Regeneration Fund
NDA Site Facing Team, D2003 Dounreay, Thurso, Caithness, KW14 7TZ

Registered in Scotland: SC301805

T: 01847 500103

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